About Us



Meet the Nugget's Nursery Team. Myself: your stereotypical blonde, Lierin, AND my darling husband, Alex. We put my creativity and Alex's brain to use and created Nugget's Nursery. Of course we can't forget the inspiration behind our designs... our sweet chocolate lab rescues, Honeybear + Maple May. 



Nugget's Nursery Petcare was founded in late 2018. I was inspired to start caring for pets after raising a black lab service dog, Nugget. When Nugget was placed with someone with a disability, I began caring for pets. Nugget was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of dog who inspired me to be more patient, loving, and interactive. She taught me how to grow a unique relationship with animals, and I have been in love with caring for dogs ever since.

Ever since starting my petcare business, I realized that I was missing a major niche! I love providing care for my clients, but I could also be providing them with AH-DORABLE gear. I decided to try my hand at making bandanas and scrunchies for pets and dog pawrents. Thus began a new journey... 

We are ecstatic to share these new 'danas and scrunchies with fellow fur friends and dog pawrents! We hope you LOVE them. Be sure to share and tag us on social media! We love to see you wearing our products. 


Hugs & lots of licks,


Lierin, Alex, Honey, + Maple